Happy that we could finally organize the workshop that was supposed to be part of the “Dalang Fever 3. How data can empower a migrant society” research project presented at the 2019 Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism / Architecture by both INTI and Het Nieuwe Instituut. Last week, a multidisciplinary science and design team from the Netherlands and China came together on- and off-line to analyse the previously collected data and propose improvements for Dalang Neighbourhood in Shenzhen. We wanted to find out how to incorporate people’s needs into the continuous transformation of the area. How should we collect data and make it accessible? What spatial, organisational and digital transitions should be instigated? We proposed to implement a mainly offline community-driven learning network in the urban villages that empowers people through skill sharing and knowledge exchange. It is an add-on to all other formal systems of empowerment. We are now working on a final report that we will present soon. A huge thanks to the Creative Industries Fund and to all participants: Alvin Yip, Chris Lee, Ester van de Wiel, Harm van Beek, Marthijn Pool, Sabine Niederer, Tat Lam, Tim Lim, Wendy Wu and Yijing Xu.

Photos: Marit Geluk